Working for a Happy, Healthy Future for All Tibetan Terriers

Officers and Directors
ttThe Tibetan Terrier Health and Welfare Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization established under the auspices of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America ("TTCA") to provide financial support for the health and welfare of the Tibetan Terrier breed by funding medical and genetic investigations conducted by universities, veterinary schools and other institutions involved in canine research with specific reference to diseases to which the Tibetan Terrier breed is prone. In addition, the Foundation provides a rescue fund for the welfare of the Tibetan Terrier breed to support the rescue activities of the TTCA. The Foundation will also maintain a data bank containing information relating to health problems and genetics distinctive to Tibetan Terriers to be made available to breeders and their veterinarians.
Foundation Officers and Directors

Our Board is composed of seven directors, including the Rescue Chairman and Health Committee Chairman of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America.
The Foundation By-Laws can be viewed here.

Appointments are two year terms.

 Kimberly Lenox
President & Director  

 Brenda J. Brown
Vice President & Director  

Secretary (vacant)

Adria Martino
Treasurer & Director
P.O. Box 780486,
Sebastian, FL 32978-0486

Hollis Matson

Nancy Weiner

Camille Manfredonia
 (TTCA Rescue Chair)

Stacey LaForge
(TTCA Health and Genetics Committee Chair)

Financial Statements
Balance Sheet December 31 2022
Profit & Loss December 31 2022
Balance Sheet December 31 2021
Profit & Loss December 31 2021
Balance Sheet December 31 2020
Profit & Loss December 31 2020
Balance Sheet December 31 2019
Profit & Loss December 31 2019
Balance Sheet December 31 2018
Profit & Loss December 31 2018

Board Meetings

The Tibetan Terrier Health and Welfare Foundation Board meets yearly at the TTCA National Specialty Show and throughout the year by teleconference.
The following meeting minutes can be reviewed
by clicking on the date.

2023 August 9
2022 March 16    May 16
2021 March 31
2020 Jan 15     Sep 17    Nov 18
2019 June 10
2018 January 22     March 19
2017 April 10     July 17
2016 April 3     Sep 12
2015 March 22      June 7      Sep 13     Oct 20
2014 June 29    September 28
2013 September 1
2012 July 9
2011 June 20
July 18    March 21
October 8     May 27     February 15
2008 April 27    March 25
2007 December 3,     October 7    May 30

For further information about future meetings
or agenda items,  please contact
Kimberly Lenox

The TTHWF was formed in 2007, and incorporated in Colorado. 
A non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation
Tax ID#20-8599607

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November 17, 2023